When I first picked up the book “Reality is Broken” and read the summary on the inside cover, I couldn’t imagine how games were the answer to our problems in life. As I read the first few chapters, I started thinking “well, she does have a point.” All work and no play is no good, but I was still left with a few questions that I hope will be answered as I read on. The book argues that the chemical brain reactions we have as a result of playing games give us a confidence booster, and makes us feel accomplished, but how can the same concepts in game be applied to real world scenarios? Will American workplaces really incorporate aspects similar to gaming worlds into their offices? American society is one of the hardest working societies in the world and I find it hard to imagine that game will become the norm in the workplace, allowing employees to to game while they work if need be. Have there been studies done to see if people work better in environments that employ the same instant gratification, rules, and goals similar to those in games? I would be interested to see those statistics if they do exist.