Despite being a communications major in my undergraduate years and now an Interactive Media graduate student, I have only just joined the 21st century when I purchased my iPhone 4 two months ago. Late bloomer? Yes, I know. I had been attached to my little phone that had the advanced capabilities of texting and making phone calls, but now that I have jumped on the iPhone bandwagon, I can’t go back. No hard feelings little Samsung phone. I felt I could do anything on my iPhone. I could check my email, check out my social networking sites and have everything I could ever need when I am on the go. I thought my iPhone was invincible, until my boyfriend decided to burst my bubble when he pointed out that I could not play my flash files on my iPhone like he could on his Android. He is all about PCs and Androids, while I am a diehard Mac and iPhone lover. Mixed relationship, I know, but somehow we get along.

Before this, I had thought that Apple was so up to date with their products. Why can’t Apple make their iPhone compatible to play flash files like Android phones? Will the new iPhone 5 be able to play flash files? I am interested to see if that is one of the differences between the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4. There are ways to convert flash files to be able to be played on the iPhone, but I would think that since Apple is all about making user-friendly products that they would make it compatible. Instead of suing Samsung for copying their products, I think Apple should work on making their products up to date.