Compelling Arguments:
1. Games provide us with instant gratification that we do not get in real life.
2. Games can provide outlets or relief in stressful situations
3. Gamers are an extremely valuable and untapped source of
participation bandwidth.
4. Compared with games, reality is trivial. Games make us a part
of something bigger and give epic meaning to our actions. If we feel like what we are doing is meaningful, then we will enjoy it more.
5. Games help us create powerful communities.

1. Nothings has actually been proven. It seems that she is only arguing her side but says nothing about the other side. I think there are flaws to her arguments, but she doesn’t compare he research to opposing research.
2. We won’t know if the Quest to Learn school was successful until the first class of seniors graduates in 2016.
3. What about those of us who aren’t big gamers? Will we get as much out of this as gamers do?
4. We are only humans, what happens when the game eventually fizzles out?
5. How do we know that people will not cheat when these gaming rules are applied to real life?