Week 1 of Flash, I has seriously considered throwing my computer out the window at times. The error message seems to always come up. I couldn’t stand how my actionscript seemed to never work, and other people in the class seemed to have a much easier time with everything while I struggled. I just didn’t get it.

Okay Steph, Breathe.

Week 2 got a little better. I still have to consult my peers for questions I had on the assignment, but for once I finished it early and like my project. Now the questions are going through my mind. This seemed to go to smoothly for me. What did I miss? There is obviously something I left out. What does everyone else’s project look like? Will I ever feel completely comfortable with Flash?

Yeah, I know, I stress myself out way too much.

However, I do hope to become proficient in Flash because I think it is a valuable resource that I can bring to companies. I want to be able to feel comfortable using this program without having to rely on tutorials or my peers. Maybe I am not gifted at Flash, but slowly I am understanding it more. I felt a sense of accomplishment when I finished this assignment with minimal stress and I also was able to coach one other student on what to do. I hope I am not speaking too soon when I say, maybe Flash isn’t so bad.