In Lanier’s book, You Are Not A Gadget, he talks about the negative side to the web. His viewpoint seems to be completely different from Shirky, the author of Here Comes Everybody. Shirky talked about the value of the masses where Lanier believes that “wisdom of the crowds” is a tool that should be used selectively. In this way the individual would not be devalued. By relying on the power of the masses, he argues that it makes the expert “dispensable.”

He believes that “cybernetic totalism” is ultimately bad for spirituality, mortality and business. People are degrading themselves as human being through this technology. Everything in life will be devalued and the only thing left will be advertising. He feels that it is astonishing that people think the Internet “empowers” others, causes, or businesses. He thinks that when you measure the subjects in the stories are often poorer and less powerful then they used to be.

Originally the Internet was created to have a distribution of wealth. Internet is drifting away from that. Original idea of the internet was creating an online middle class. I believe both Shirky and Lanier in a way. According to Shirky, there is power in the masses, but according to Lanier, the masses discredit the individual. I think that there is power in the masses but we should still take into account an experts views. Both I feel are valuable.Also, we rely so heavily on technology now that I think our accomplishments are not as significant as they used to me. Now, anyone can create a video or design if they have the right software and know how to use it.