This week we all had our infographs due for our productions class. It was the accumulation of everything that we have learned in flash so far. It is very inspirational being around a lot of creative people. It helps my creativity because I can learn from my peers and also bounce ideas off of them. Everyone had great looking infographs that were not only functional, but well designed.

While it is a blessing to be around so many creative minds, it is also stressful. While at first I may have felt that I had a good design, once I see others I tend to feel that I could have done more. I guess that an artists/designers curse. Never being truly satisfied with their work. I definitely feel that way from time to time. But I don’t let it discourage me. I have only just learned to work with flash in the past two months. I am happy to say that I am starting to understand it more. I think that being really immersed into this program that we have no choice but to sink or swim. While there are many times I feel like I am sinking, I always manage to come up for air eventually.