I thought this article fit very well with what my group was working on for our trip to Iceland and working with Citizens.is. This article discussed branding and interactivity. We are essentially re-branding the company to make it more universal because they want to reach out abroad rather than stay local in Iceland.

As new technologies are developed, so are new marketing strategies. New media then takes the place of traditional media in marketing. The hardest part about incorporating new technologies into a marketing strategy is keeping up with the technology. We are hoping to pass our work along to the company and teach they how to create the content so it can be continued after we leave.

Interactivity is something that will constantly be on our minds when completing our projects. Social networking has allowed conversations to take place among people online. It has allowed interactivity to be seen as a mainstream activity in regards to online content. In the coming years, will interactivity in regards to apps, websites, social media, etc… be a necessity in marketing and branding? Participation seems to be key when establishing a good online presence. As the article discusses, this was used well in Obama’s presidential campaign.