All semester, we have been talking about gaming, virtual worlds, online markets, and alternate reality. It would seem that society is doing everything it can to escape reality. While I can see the benefits of these alternate reality programs and games, I do find it sad that we need these things in our lives because reality is often not fulfilling enough for us. We are so “connected” because of the WWW but I just hope that we don’t disconnect ourselves from reality.

I wanted to try out some of the augmented reality apps mentioned in the article to see if my opinion may be changed. I plan on downloading a couple applications on to my iPhone this week and trying them out. One that I particularly found interesting is the Wikitude app. The app displays information about the users’ surroundings in a mobile camera view. I think it would be interesting to see what it would say about Elon, or if it would even pick anything up.

I downloaded the application and one thing I found interesting what that it was an age-restricted app. It made me a little wary because what kind of information would come up that I would need to be 17 or older to read? Stay tuned. One application I found that would be beneficial to me is the app that finds your car in a parking lot. I work in an outlet center and when it is crowded there, it is difficult to find my car. I downloaded this app as well and I will try it out when I am at work this week. I am looking forward to see if these apps will help me or only frustrate me. Here goes nothing.