Is Flash going or is it staying?

After learning flash and finally getting somewhat comfortable with using this program, I would be disheartened to learn that many companies were getting rid of flash all together. I understand that simply keeping up with these ever changing programs is a full time job, but could it really be going out of use while I am in the process of learning it?

Mobile versions of Flash will not be used any longer on smartphones. The development of applications using flash has ceased. I was really hoping to be able to view my portfolio with that includes flash applications on my iPhone. For those in the program that wish to be application developers, their flash knowledge will be useless. Steve Jobs even declared that Flash had a poor performance on mobile devices. The seemed to be the kiss of death for Adobe Flash. There is likely to be this same trend for desktop devices as well. At the same time, companies are saying they are still using flash and it is not going anywhere. I just hope that what I have learned will still prove to be valuable upon graduation.