I have come to really enjoy using flash for a variety of things. Not only can I use it to design games, infographics and banners, but I can also use it in presentations. We were recently asked to design an iPhone application in one of our classes. This has been one of my favorite assignments this year because it has allowed me to be creative but also present it in a functional way. Whether or not flash is going away, I can still use it in the workplace to present an idea to fellow colleagues as I am doing now with my classmates.

I was able to not only show the design of the application but to also show exactly how it would function without actually creating the app. This is a great tool to use for front end design because once the design is handed over to the coders, they will know exactly how the designers want the application to function. I think people are more responsive to an idea if they can visually see how it is going to work. Flash is a program that enables us to accomplish this.