With our lives revolving more and more around the Internet as well as the development of video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo, the everyday video that we capture could become viral through Internet sharing. Now, it is not easy for a video to go viral with the vast amount of videos on the Internet today, but those that do rise to the top spread like wildfire.

When thinking of the term “viral video” the first thing that comes to mind is the “Charlie Bit Me” video. This video was posted on YouTube in 2009 and instantly became a hit. I am sure that the parents who posted this never dreamed a home video of their two sons would be shown all over the world. This main element that made this video go viral was that it was funny. It depicts two children sitting together on a couch and the older brother pointing out that his younger brother, Charlie, had bit him. However, the older brother continues to put his finger near the baby’s mouth, instigating another biting of his finger. The fact that the kids are adorable, they are young and that they are British makes this video funny. The fact that the kids have an accent I think adds to the comedy/cuteness. Today, that video has over 12 million hits. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=he5fpsmH_2g

Another viral video that popped on the scene a few years ago was from a famous band called OK GO. Music videos are not as popular as they used to be over ten years ago, but this music video got a lot of attention. Factors that helped it go viral was that it was by a famous band with a popular song, but it was also unique and creative. The entire video had only one camera angle, it was less informal and the band danced entirely on treadmills. Not something you see everyday. But it take skill and a lot of practice to be able to do what they did for this video. This video gained popularity because it had the “WOW” factor to it.

Lastly, this video that went viral online is actually a commercial that people loved so much, it was shared all over the Internet. What made this video so popular was that it catered to the emotions of the viewer. Without any words, just music and text, this video gets right to the heart. Google Chrome came out with this video during last years Superbowl and people are still talking about it a year later. What I love about it is that it gets right to the heart and relates to the viewer. People use email all the time. But in this video a Dad sets up a gmail account for his newborn baby girl and continues to write her emails throughout her life, documenting milestones. This is the baby book of today. It creatively shows a different way to use gmail. Its not just email, its a way to document your life. It really cut to the heartstrings and I found myself having tears streaming down my face at the end. I thought it was a brilliant commercial and I bet that a ton of people. Kudos to you, Google.