When I go online to read an article, the one that catches my eye is the one that is short, has photos, includes hyperlinks, and is also broken up into sections that make it easier to read. Another thing that I notice is whether or not the article is easy to find. If I have to continue clicking through to find an article, I will most likely give up and turn to something else. When writing for the web, writers need to consider SEO. This is not something they needed to thing about before when writing for newspapers, magazines, etc…SEO is search engine optimization. By making sure to include certain key words or phrases within the article, writers can ensure that the article will appear on a Google search. This makes the article easy to find and accessible.

I personally love reading USA Today online instead of the New York Times because it is more colorful and the articles include more photos and videos than NY Times articles do. NY Times follows its newspaper layout in that it is mostly black and white and includes a lot of material on the homepage. This works for the New York Time, however, because it matches the image they are trying to portray. Still, as a creative, I enjoy reading USA Today’s colorful, eye catching articles instead.

Also, online articles can provide more interactivity for the viewer that can provide more information and make the article more interesting than a standard print article. This takes web writing to an entirely new level. You are not only reading the article, but you are immersed in it.