Usually when we think of television commercials, we mostly think of the visual element associated with it. Commercials are something that occur during television programs. We see them and understand the meaning or the message behind them. But what if we took that visual element away? Would we still be able to recognize the ad or know what it is talking about? There are many commercials and ad campaigns that once we hear a certain voice, sound, or music we associate it with that brand. One ad campaign that has become really popular is the E*Trade baby. This baby has become iconic because it is unique and also comical. What people recognize the most about this baby is his voice. E*Trade has cone a series of advertisements with this baby. Now by just hearing the baby’s voice, we know the ad is for E*Trade. If you can just listen to the commercial without seeing it and know what it is going to advertise, then that commercial has done its job.

Another series of commercials that uses audio well is Corona ads. None of their ad have any voice overs. All you hear is the sound of the ocean and you know instantly its Corona. Corona wants to give off a peaceful vibe. The company wants people to associate relaxation and a day at the beach with Corona. The company does a great job with their ads. The have other audio elements in the ads based on the subject matter, but the beach sounds are always the same. Consistency is also important when wanting to achieve brand recognition.

Lastly, Allstate has done a great job with their “Mayhem” campaign. They have a series of commercials that portray different situations in which you would need insurance. The “Mayhem Man” appear in every video as different scenarios. The first thing anyone hears in their ad is the open line “I’m your GPS”, “I’m a raccoon”, etc… It has become so recognizable that people instantly know its the Mayhem man talking about getting covered by Allstate. The commercials have valid points about real life scenarios but they are depicted in a comical way.